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East Side Community HS: World Language Teacher (preferably Spanish or French)

POSITION: East Side is seeking a passionate world language teacher (ideally Spanish or French) to start immediately.  The position would likely be four sections of mainly 11th graders. The position is for the remainder of the year ideally.

ABOUT EAST SIDE:  We are a small 6th-12th grade school dedicated to the belief that all students can, must and will learn and succeed academically. We set high standards for each of our students and help them meet these standards by providing personal attention, a safe and respectful environment, a strong sense of community, and curricula that is both challenging and engaging. We are a member of the NY Performance Standards Consortium and graduate students using performance-based assessments. 

We believe that students are best assessed through the completion of meaningful projects and tasks that challenge students to creatively and thoughtfully apply what they have learned.  Students, staff, families and community members all see themselves as part of a team whose main goal is the success of every individual student. The goal of the school is to create a community of highly skilled students, lifetime learners and critical thinkers who, upon graduation, will be prepared to go to college and enter the work world.  East Side is committed to developing a diverse teaching staff that reflects the rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and heritages of our students.

Our commitment to socio-emotional learning is highlighted in Learning by Heart: Six American High Schools Where Social and Emotional Learning Are Core by Kathleen Cushman.

We are a small school, which allows teachers to work in grade teams consisting of one teacher in each subject area (Math, History, English, Science, and a Learning Specialist).  Each team teaches the same cohort of students and is led by a team leader (a teacher elected from and by the team). As a result of our grade structure, our class size is small—average class size is less than twenty-five students.  East Side is committed to developing a diverse teaching staff that reflects the rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and heritages of our students.

Strong candidates for any East Side position are capable of:

●  Creating dynamic lessons and differentiating for heterogeneous classes

●  Developing authentic and backward planned curriculum

●  Designing, implementing, and evaluating exhibitions and projects using rubrics.

●  Building content knowledge through strong literacy practices

●  Utilizing cutting-edge technology in formative and project based assessment

●  Developing 21st century skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, technology, and written and oral presentation skills

●  Teaching for understanding and depth using constructivist learning, rather than "coverage" of topics.

●  Participating in a variety of professional development and reflective practices - such as peer learning groups, observation, curriculum development workshops, conferences, etc.

●  Communicating regularly with parents and students around issues concerning students' academic development and emotional well-being.

To Apply: Certified candidates should send a resume and a cover note (indicating how they learned about the position), and include contact information for references.   Interested candidates should send their resumes to:

Mark Federman, Principal, markf@eschs.org

and please copy Monica Ramos, Secretary, monicar@eschs.org


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