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Bronx Lab: Chemistry Opening for the Fall Semester

Bronx Lab School has a fall semester maternity leave opening in Chemistry. Full-time position for the fall semester. Come be a part of a great teaching and learning community. Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to Principal Sarah Marcy (sarah.marcy@bronxlabschool.org).

Information about our school:

Bronx Lab School (http://www.bronxlabschool.org/), a NY Performance Standards Consortium school (http://www.performanceassessment.org), is a four-year open-enrollment college preparatory, small public high school within the New York City Department of Education. We are a community of learners that prepares students for success through meaningful work and authentic inquiry across the disciplines. Our staff is committed to knowing each student well and working collaboratively to support the cognitive and social development of all students. Student-centered inquiry is the bedrock of the curriculum and pedagogical approach at Bronx Lab School. In order to promote self-directed learning and to engage students as partners, faculty work from a common set of essential questions to teach critical thinking, deep investigation, meaningful discourse, and frequent and varied demonstrations of learning. Classes are taught with an emphasis on project-based learning, requiring students to work independently and cooperatively with classmates to develop deeper understandings and mastery of the Bronx Lab Habits of Mind. Advisory anchors the Bronx Lab experience and serves as the foundation for our school's Restorative Justice practices, which permeate throughout the Bronx Lab School community. To apply, please email your resume to sarah.marcy@bronxlabschool.org.