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El Puente Academy for Peace & Justice: Opening in Mathematics

El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice is a small community based high school in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our mission is to inspire and nurture leadership for peace and justice. To this end, the Academy is guided by four core principles that serve as the foundation for all administrative, academic, programmatic and institutional development. These are creating community, love and caring, mastery and peace and justice.

The Academy strives to achieve its vision in these three ways: by transforming its members into a comprehensive community learning institution; by integrating the resources of both the school and those of our community and by supporting the holistic development and the highest levels of achievement of Academy students.

The schools mission is the driving force of our school community. It lives, breathes, and is embedded in all of our courses and school activities. Students travel in small heterogeneous learning communities/teams and participate in interest based advisories and electives that focus on Socio-emotional learning, leadership development and civic engagement. We offer a rigorous integrated project focused academic program that is a national model and has a twenty-two year record of success. In addition, we offer integrated team teaching supports and an integrated interdisciplinary approach to curriculum and instruction.

We are a long-standing member of the New York State Consortium and one of the first schools to be inducted into the consortium. Students fulfill graduation requirements by completing four performance based assessments in each content area, completing an internship, and presenting a participation in Human Rights project and a statement of personal growth.

Our facilitators/teachers are expected to collaborate with several teams to conduct data analysis and engage in inquiry work. Professional development is a key driving force to our success; therefore the expectation is that strong candidates will commit to this area for development. As a result, all candidates are expected to go above and beyond the school day requirements.

Strong candidates should:
· Be well versed highly effective pedagogical practices and strategies for all learners, including the ability to differentiate instruction and assessments.
· Have strong content knowledge and skills to design curricula and assessments that are aligned to college and career readiness standards.
· Demonstrate a strong commitment to integrating themes of social justice into the curriculum.
· Be energetic, flexible, hardworking, and committed to facilitating the learning process through the lens of social justice.
- Be committed to collaborating closely with co-teachers, co-facilitators, counselors, paraprofessionals, and families.
· Possess New York State certification in the appropriate area, with satisfactory ratings.