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Humanities Prep Hiring Full-Time Special Education Teacher

Humanities Preparatory Academy Hiring a Full-Time Special Education Teacher to begin in September of 2019 

Please learn more about our community at http://www.humanitiesprep.org 

Please send resumes to Principal Jeannie Ferrari jeannie@humanitiesprep.org  and Assistant Principal Georgieann Ramsudh georgieann@humanitiesprep.org

Humanities Preparatory Academy is currently recruiting licensed candidates for positions in Special Education. We accept generalists and those with ELA content knowledge. The position is for ICT co-teaching in English classes.  We are excited to add a 4th Special educator to our amazing team!

We seek candidates who are philosophically aligned with an inquiry-based model of instruction and can support our students with performance-based assessments. 

We are a small, reflective Consortium school community of 245 students. We seek candidates who want to collaborate with others, have great interest in continuing their professional growth at all points in their career and who would ideally have some experience with Performance-Based Assessment and Coalition of Essential Schools principles. 

Our website at www.humanitiesprep.org is one way to begin to know our school community.