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Beacon High School Hiring AP for Instruction

Beacon School - Instructional Assistant Principal for 2019-2020 School Year

Please send a resume and cover letter to Principal Ruth Lacey at rlacey@beaconschool.org

Please see the following resources for more information about the school:

Our website: www.beaconschool.org

Inside Schools: https://insideschools.org/school/02M479

We are seeking candidates who are:

★   Motivated by the prospect of working in a community of thoughtful teachers and supporting them as they explore different ways of learning and looking at knowledge in cognitively challenging classes

★   Dedicated to supporting teachers in all disciplines including the arts, humanities, sciences, mathematics and languages 

★   Proficient in designing and facilitating professional development in response to teachers’ learning needs and aspirations

★   Committed to nurturing a diverse school community with all types of learners including students with disabilities - Beacon School has pioneered a non-traditional model to support SWDs and has developed a close professional relationship with our D75 partner school

★   Experienced in supporting teachers as they develop inquiry-based classrooms that prepare students for culminating project-based assessments