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Mid-Manhattan Satellite Hiring for 2019-20

Positions for 2019-2020:

Special Education, Math, Science, English and Social Studies

Satellite Academy High School is seeking teachers who want to join a committed group of educators that have created an environment for our students that values compassion, learning, and high expectations. Satellite Academy is a transfer high school which serves a diverse population of young adults between the ages of 16 and 20 years old. Students come to us to get a second chance at their high school diploma, but along the way they find that our school is really about helping young people see possibilities in their lives...like going to college and becoming leaders in their communities. We develop a strong sense of belonging through our advisory classes that focus on relationship building. Our goal at Satellite Academy is to be a transformative experience in our students' lives. For more information, please visit www.satelliteacademy.org.

Key Design Elements:

●      Emphasis on Performance Assessment

●      Block scheduling (60 minute periods)

●      Collaborative decision making model

●      Internship program

●      Advisory system that connects students to one teacher from admission through graduation and beyond

Teacher Candidates should have experience and interest in:

●      Developing student-centered and engaging classroom experiences

●      A minimum of 2 years teaching experience

●      Collaborating with colleagues to ensure strategic alignment of instructional strategies to maximize the impact on student outcomes

●      Using innovative and relevant data to support student learning

●      Building positive relationships with students with an emphasis on character building

To apply, send cover letter that includes your educational philosophy/manifesto and resume to hiring@satelliteacademy.org

*All applicants must have certification from the State of New York in order to apply.