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Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom HS Hiring for the Fall

Fannie Lou is hiring for Humanities, ESL, Special Education, and Math/Science. 

Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School is a community that focuses on teaching students to use their minds well and preparing them to live productive, socially useful, and personally satisfying lives. We serve students in grades 9 through 12 to develop and pursue their interests with well-developed literacy, quantitative and critical thinking, as well as problem-solving skills.

FLHFHS's academic program stresses intellectual development and political and social involvement in our society. At FLHFHS we believe that students learn best by investigating authentic issues in ways that require collaboration, personal responsibility, care for others, and a tolerance for uncertainty. These crucial habits of mind and work are nurtured in classrooms where students are engaged in a curriculum centered on projects they design and carry out themselves and by work that students undertake outside of traditional classrooms through internship learning.

Classrooms are organized so that teachers and students establish personal learning objectives for each student and technology is used to maximize individuation, independence, and depth of learning through feedback and access to academic resources. Our teachers and students know each other well through this collaborative work and through an advisory system that supports personal connections.

Background about Our School:

Key Design Aspects of FLHFHS:

  • We are a Children’s Aid Community School.  Children’s Aid provides students and families with extensive services, ranging from social and economic support to medical health and dental to college and career to an array of extracurricular activities.

  • Our Advisory system provides for comprehensive support of students and frequent communication with families, ensuring that no student is overlooked.

  • Our well-staffed Student Success Center ensures that all students, grade 9-12, receive assistance with college and career planning and financial aid.  For our Class of 2018, 97% applied and were accepted to college and they received over $2 million in scholarships.

  • Writing is highlighted in all subjects. All students graduate by completing performance-based assessment tasks, such as a college-level history research paper and a student-designed science experiment.

  • Public speaking is also emphasized in our curriculum.  All students develop graduation portfolios in the core subjects.  Students present and defend their work to committees through panel presentations.  Students cannot graduate without completing this rigorous process. We are members of the NY Performance Standards Consortium.

Teaching at FLHFHS:

  • FLHFHS  greatly values students’ social-emotional well-being.  In addition to our advisory system, we have an extensive counseling department and offer various student and family support services.

  • Teachers collaborate to plan and execute a curriculum that is project based. Assessment is organized through portfolio.

  • Block scheduling is used to maximize the time teachers and students spend working together on project-based assessments.

  • The predominant style of pedagogy in the school is “Student-as-worker”, teacher-as-coach.”

  • Teachers work to maintain a close relationship between the school and families, which is organized through an advisory system.

  • As Advisors, staff guide students around college readiness and access, career preparation, extending learning opportunities, personal health, and portfolio completion.

  • Teachers are active decision-makers within small learning communities.  

To Apply to FLHFHS:

If you are interested in applying to join our community as a teacher, please email a cover letter and your resume to hiring@flhfhs.org Please review our website (www.flhfhs.org) for important information, including directions.