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School of the Future Hiring AP for 2019-20

School of the Future - Instructional Assistant Principal for 2019-2020 School Year

Please send a resume and cover letter to Principal Stacy Goldstein at sgoldstein@sof.edu

Please see the following resources for more information about the school:

Our website: www.sof.edu

Inside Schools: https://insideschools.org/school/02M413

Edutopia Schools that Work: https://www.edutopia.org/school/school-future

School of the Future is a unique sixth through twelfth grade school in District Two with 760 students. We are a dynamic learning community, and our staff comprises dedicated, intelligent, and caring professionals. SOF is a college preparatory school that offers rigorous academics geared toward college expectations.  Half of our classes are ICT and we are deeply committed to excellence with our integrated Special Education program.  As a member of the New York Performance Standards Consortium, SOF values assessment that reflects authentic college and career expectations. Our guiding principle when designing curriculum and assessments for our students is that students should be grappling with ideas and skills that matter to their individual and collective futures. So, we value research, argumentative speaking and writing, teamwork, personal reflection, problem solving, engineering and innovative thinking.

We expect all candidates to be experience with or passionate about this instructional model.

We are seeking an experienced pedagogue and/or administrator who is skilled at coaching and evaluating STEM instruction with well authentic projects and design thinking and ideally someone who has experience supporting Special Education teachers and programs.  Additionally, we are seeking candidates who are:

★ Experienced with planning professional development and coordinating responsive teacher growth plans.

★ Experienced with the Danielson Framework and teacher evaluations in the Advance system, including giving teachers high leverage feedback.

★ Familiar with a repertoire of meaningful qualitative and quantitative assessments to best monitor the progress of a diverse student population.

★ Experienced with RTI and developing support plans for a diverse student population.

★ Emotionally intelligent communicators who are good listeners, enjoy collaborating and are clear and assertive when needed.

★ Experienced with and committed to Restorative Justice practices.

★ Committed to practices and paradigms that promote Equity.

★ Organized professionals who can manage multiple initiatives, multitask and wear many hats.