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University Heights High School--Special Ed Opening for 2019-20

University Heights High School has an openings for the 2019-2020 school year in Special Education.

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Qualified candidates need to demonstrate the following:

➢     Content and pedagogical knowledge of the subject area.

➢     Professional demeanor, verbal expression, competencies, habits, and enthusiasm.

➢     Willingness to actively collaborate within a  team.

➢     Use of balanced literacy principles and practices.

➢     Ongoing use of assessment tools to drive instruction.

➢     Effective projects-based instructional practices and experience developing projects-based curriculum.

➢     Participation in professional development opportunities both in-house and within the larger educational community. Engage in peer observation/intervisitation.

➢     A strong rapports with students, and an ability to continuously foster positive and supportive relationships with students.

➢     Regularly communicate with parents/families to ensure collaborative supports of student progress.

➢     Implement active learning techniques and support all students, including special education and English language learners, in heterogeneous classrooms.

➢     Possess effective communication skills including ability to express ideas, share information and to reflect on teaching practices.

About University Heights High School

University Heights High School is a New York City Department of Education (DOE) school, has been a member of the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), and it is a founding member of the Center for Collaborative Education (CCE). We are a part of the New York Performance Standards Consortium, which was founded in 1997. University Heights is a coeducational, college preparatory school enrolling approximately 520 students in grades 9 to 12. While the student body is multicultural, the majority of the population is of Hispanic or African-American ethnicity. Students from throughout the five boroughs of New York City attend University Heights High School, however, most reside in the Bronx. We have been granted a waiver by the State Education Department. The waiver requires University Heights to administer the English Regents only. Other Regents examinations are widely administered to individual students after a student by student discussion has taken place involving staff and administration.


Our mission is for all students to meet or exceed high learning standards at the secondary school level. The UHHS motto is ‘a high school that feels like a college’. We provide a rich and authentic learning environment that is rigorous, college and career focused, hands-on, family-oriented and dedicated to cultivating successive generations of citizens prepared to constructively participate in the society of their time. Students take college courses, register online for elective courses and follow a college-simulated schedule. We believe in educating the "whole" child and so, we have scaffolded our resources to provide a social worker per grade to ensure that our student’s social and emotional needs are met. Our partnership with CUNY provides our students with college courses as part of their instructional day. We have multiple partnerships (over 30) that provide a wealth of opportunities for our students including: After school and enrichment programs; College and Career preparatory programs; Mentoring & Service Learning; Leadership; Farming & Sustainability; STEM; Sports; Health & wellness; Entrepreneurial studies and Finance.


Our community of learners includes students, staff, parents, and university/community partners. Our focus encompasses the “whole person” as learner, and there is an insistence that we use our minds in order to develop intellectually, socially, physically, and ethically. We continually seek to refine and expand necessary academic/social skills, bodies of knowledge, values and habits of mind that we believe are essential to our becoming and being productive and well-educated individuals. Our goals are two-fold:

●      to prepare students who demonstrate mastery of habits of learning for graduation

●      to maximize the success of all members of our community

We emphasize respect for oneself and for others, while understanding and appreciating that respect is a byproduct of achievement. We seek to create a community where cooperation rather than competition between students is valued and where mutual trust between teacher and student plays a central role in shaping the learning experience. University Heights is committed to providing a setting where pressures for sameness are reduced and the entire community treats students’ individuality with respect and dignity. Through our teaching, we attempt to create classrooms in which the give and take of ideas and the honing of the work process enable students to thrive. In our classrooms, thoughtful and passionate learners, become willing participants able to explore new areas of intellectual growth and to apply that learning beyond the classroom. These are the founding principles of the Coalition for Essential Schools (CES).


Please email your cover letter and resume to ppenacarty@uhhsnyc.org. Please be sure to include a telephone number where you can be reached. Teachers should have teaching portfolio available should you be contacted for an interview which reflects deep understanding of differentiated assessment, performance-based instruction, and content knowledge relative to the position.

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