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Facing History--Special Education Position for Fall 2019

The Facing History School is currently hiring a Special Education teacher for the 2019-2020 school year.

Considering the school’s instructional focus on planning, cognitive engagement, and differentiation, a strong teacher candidate will demonstrate an ability to plan content that is culturally responsive, experiential, meaningful, and accessible for the 21st century learner. Please send resumes to assistant principal, Calee Prindle at calee@facinghistoryschool.org

*Note: Applicants must be licensed and certified teachers in the appropriate subject in New York City Day High Schools. The New York City Department of Education is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

About The Facing History School

The Facing History School is a collaborative professional learning community dedicated to its mission of graduating life-long learners who are prepared for the responsibilities of being active, thoughtful participants and leaders in a democratic society.

Key aspects of The Facing History School include:

  • Member of the New York State Performance Standards Consortium and offer Performance Based Assessment Tasks to graduate students

  • Portfolio & panel assessments to demonstrate mastery of skills and content in 9th & 10th grade

  • Advisory program that addresses health, socio-emotional issues and social justice issues

  • Support, professional development and resources offered by lead partner, Facing History and Ourselves

  • Weekly school-wide professional development and department meetings built into the schedule

  • Strong partnership with Urban Arts Partnership that includes art integration into classrooms, studio art classes and a Senior Art Activist Exhibition called “Choosing to Participate”

  • ICT model to support both students with IEPs and our general education population

Next Steps:

To learn more, visit the school’s website at www.facinghistoryschool.org.  For information about the school’s lead partner, Facing History and Ourselves, visit www.facinghistory.org. Please send resumes to assistant principal, Calee Prindle at calee@facinghistoryschool.org