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School of the Future Hiring 6th Grade Humanities Teacher

School of the Future is a hiring a 6th Grade Humanities teacher! We are small, innovative public sixth through twelfth grade school within District Two. We are located in the Gramercy Park neighborhood at Twenty-Second Street and Lexington Avenue. We have an academically rigorous environment with a student population of seven hundred ranging from sixth through twelfth grade. Both the staff and the student population reflect the diversity of the City. Students at School of the Future graduate by portfolio and exhibitions. Portfolios in the Middle School are a collection of the students’ best works and exhibitions in the High School are extensively researched papers and oral presentations whereby students demonstrate they have mastered the challenging standards of research: construct and answer an interesting essential question, demonstrate critical thinking skills, and adhere to conventions of writing. The high school uses this form of assessment instead of Regents Exams. Our approach is to be nurturing yet academically demanding and provide personally and politically engaging curriculum. We are a project school as we believe the workshop approach fits with our philosophy of apprenticeship and students a worker, teacher as coach. Moreover, we offer a rigorous and challenging college preparatory curriculum. Our staff uses a range of alternative assessments to inform their daily practice and objectives for individual students. Please check out our website at sof.edu

Please email a resume and cover letter to sgoldstein@sof.edu.

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