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Manhattan International Hiring for the Fall

Manhattan International is one of 27 International High Schools and a member of the NY Performance Standards Consortium.

We are now accepting resumes for immediate openings in the following areas:   

  • ESL/Social Studies Teacher (Grades 9)

  • Literacy Teacher/Special Education (Grades 9-12, primarily grade 9)

We are dedicated to serving the academic and social needs of recently immigrated students and their families.  We teach English through content, so every teacher is a language teacher regardless of content-area. Our approach to teaching is student-centered and project-based so our heterogeneous students can meet and exceed the requirements of traditional high schools in their new language.


Strong applicants for this teaching position will demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Design and teach curricula to heterogeneous classes of English language learners of many academic levels, languages, and cultures.

  • Link subject area curricula to the school’s themes and incorporate discussion of current events, hands-on experiences in the community, and meaningful connection to students’ interests and experiences.

  • Create project-based curricula and use performance-based assessments (familiarity with Mastery-based grading a plus).

  • Use inquiry-based approach to teach interdisciplinary classes.

  • Work in a close-knit team of 5-6 teachers of various disciplines to plan content and language instruction and create a supportive community for our diverse students.  Also, work collaboratively with other teachers to design curricula and assessments, and to support each other in improving teaching practices.

  • Teach community building, identity development, reflective writing, and interest exploration.

  • Integrate technology into the classroom to support instruction as each classroom is equipped with a Smartboard, laptop cart and iPads.  (1:1 iPad program as an Apple ConnectED School).   

  • Participate in developing and implementing new ideas into the school. (We are a PROSE School)

  • Develop curricula that use the resources of NYC and gets students to apply their learning in real-world settings.

  • Be flexible and “wear more than one hat” (this is key in small schools).

Interested candidates should send credentials to: grodriguez2@schools.nyc.gov