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Science Position at Vanguard High School

Vanguard High School is currently seeking:

1 Science Teacher (Chemistry and/or Physics)

You may make us aware of your interest in this position by emailing your resume and cover letter to webmaster@vhsnyc.org.

Our Mission

Vanguard High School is a community of learners committed to becoming literate, articulate, analytical, reflective and empathetic citizens.

Respect for self and others is the motivating force toward developing socially productive, useful and responsible members of society.

Our School

Vanguard is a small high school in New York City. Our commitment to the Coalition of Essential Schools' Twelve Principles www.essentialschools.org and the New York State Performance Based Standards Consortium www.performanceassessment.org drives our educational philosophy. This enables us to create a school that has high expectations, shared accountability, is student-centered, and uses performance-based instruction and assessment to measure what our students learn.

Vanguard students fulfill graduation requirements by demonstrating their knowledge through the completion of five Academic Portfolios and presentations to graduation committees, as well as achieving success on the requisite Regents Exams. In addition, graduates must complete four years of full academic and elective courses of student work.

 About Vanguard High School

We are a supportive and collaborative community committed to our students’ achievement during and after high school.  Vanguard High School is one of a select number of schools in New York State to be granted a waiver from state testing. 

We are a supportive and collaborative community committed to our students’ achievement during and after high school. The student population of Vanguard High School is diverse, culturally, ethnically, and economically.  To best meet student needs', diversity among our staff is of great importance as well.

Please visit our website www.vanguardnyc.net to familiarize yourself with the Vanguard community. You will find specific information about our education philosophy and Coalition of Essential Schools Common Principles.

Expectations of Vanguard Staff Members:

• Actively collaborate with team to plan and implement curriculum decisions; otherwise collaborating with staff.

• Implement written, oral, and visual Performance Based Assessments and project-based curriculum.

• Serve as an Advisor, foster positive and supportive relationships with students.

• Regularly communicate with parents and students around issues concerning students' academic development and emotional well-being.

• Coordinate extracurricular clubs, after-school study groups, and other professional and administrative responsibilities; including participating in weekly after-school meetings, school retreats and tutoring.

• Implement active learning techniques and support all students, including special education and English language learners, in heterogeneous classrooms.

• Content and pedagogical knowledge of subject area.

• Possess effective communication skills including ability to express ideas, share information and to reflect on teaching practices.

• Attend and facilitate professional development opportunities both in-house and within the larger educational community.

• Implement lessons with a block schedule format.

• Familiarity and/or experience in implementing standards-based grading.

Expectations of Science Teacher:

Desired candidates should have experience with and/or willingness regarding the following areas:

• Use of NTCM standards and practices in a "teacher as coach" model with a heterogeneous group of students.

• Ongoing use of multiple assessment tools to drive instruction and monitor student progress.

• Teaching for understanding and depth using constructivist learning, rather than "coverage" of topics.

• Designing, implementing, and evaluating exhibitions and projects using rubrics.

• Participation in professional development, such as peer observation, curriculum development workshops, math conferences, etc.