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I.C.E. Has Opening for Middle School Science Teacher

The Institute for Collaborative Education is seeking a middle school science teacher for the fall of 2018. I.C.E. is a small, progressive school that uses a project-based approach to assessment. We emphasize the process of scientific investigation in all of our classes and teach our students how to ask and answer their own research questions. With scientific inquiry at the center of our instruction, students demonstrate their proficiency for graduation from high school by designing a long-term investigation in a Neuroscience course.  Students design their own methods, use scientific journals for background research, and present their findings to panels of teachers and outside evaluators that include professors from CUNY, NYU and Columbia. Middle School science teachers are pivotal in laying the groundwork for this challenging college-level work. Our teachers teach multiple age groups, and are encouraged to bring their passion to the work by teaching what they love. If you would like to work in an environment that values your creativity and demands unique curriculum design from all teachers, please send your resume to Principal Peter Karp at pkarpice@gmail.com.

The Institute for Collaborative Education is a small school for students in 6th through 12th grades. Our academic program focuses on inquiry-driven instruction and project-based assessment using tasks that are authentic to each discipline. As a member of the New York State Performance Standards Consortium ICE is able to assess student proficiency using Performance Based Assessment Tasks which are long term projects that demand background research, unique arguments and strategies, use of evidence, data analysis and extensive writing and revision in all disciplines. Our teachers must be comfortable designing their own curriculum to support our students’ developing the skills and habits required for the completion of these college level graduation requirements. All faculty advise a cohort of students whom they also teach, and we use the detailed knowledge of our students’ strengths and weaknesses to tailor our academic program to be demanding for each individual according to their abilities. ICE teachers and students are given increased freedom as well as increased responsibility in running our dynamic school community. As a teacher here you will be expected to collaborate with several teams to monitor student progress, design curriculum, and engage in inquiry into best instructional practices.