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Bronx Collaborative HS Has Openings in Social Studies and Special Education

Solve a Problem. Change the World!  

Hiring:  Social Studies and Special Education Join us: hiring@bxchs.org

Opportunities have opened up in our Social Studies department and Special Education department. Both opportunities will come with coaching and support differentiated to your experience level.

Our Social Studies positions (1 US and 1 Global) will allow you co-plan on existing course curriculum and/or teach a course of your own design providing thematic instruction in an area of your expertise and interest.

Our Special Education position is part of our high school ICT program in which you will co-plan with a General Education teacher and collaborate to differentiate and align pedagogical choices to maximize students' successful on-time completion of the project-based assessment requirements.

We are actively hiring and will return calls/emails immediately to set-up an on-site interview for you to be seen by a team of our faculty and administration as well as to showcase your teaching talents with a group of our students.

The Basic details-

  • Our goal is to inspire students to become comfortable as public intellectuals empowered to challenge the status quo as champions of their belief system who are well-informed and compassionate in their efforts to create change. 
  • Positions are full-time and appointed regular DOE teaching positions requiring NYS licensure.
  • Culturally Responsive Education is a center-piece of the school and our major focus for 2018-2019 as we re-explore as a community how to best effect and expand our offerings
  • We’re on the Clinton Educational Campus (100 W. Mosholu Parkway South) and we do have a parking lot for teachers who drive.
  • We are serving as a Showcase School for Affirming Student Identities: LBGTQ with a focus how our approaches to Student Choice, Individualization, and Restorative Practices support a true Respect for All.
  • Our students join us from all Bronx school districts and are drawn to the “Student Choice” program that lets them pick classes in liberal arts college style- Intro and then selecting their areas of interest
  • As a member of the NY Performance Standards Consortium, we graduate students using performance assessment tasks in lieu of 4 of the 5 Regents.
  • We are a PROSE school where teachers and student government created a modified block schedule with 90 minute classes in all subjects
  • Each department/discipline collaboratively decides who is teaching which grade levels and courses based on teachers’ interests and original course presentations.
  • As a member of the DOE Mastery Collaborative, we use Mastery-based grading focusing on students’ ability to perform disciplinary specific standards rather than letter/number grades
  • Students are encouraged to take up to 3 college courses at Lehman college while they are still in high school
  • Our school is part of the Pre-AP and AP Capstone project with the College Board.
  • Our instruction is focused around real-world phenomena and Problem Based Learning
  • Technology is a major element across subjects and there are Smarboards in every classroom and practically a 1:1 laptop or computer situation for students
  • Our Advisory system, social justice programs, restorative practices, internship and youth leadership programs are also a major focus for 2018-2019
  • Teachers who serve as Advisors stay with their students over multiple years
  • Teachers who provide Club/Organization leadership are supported in innovating new campus programs
  • We seek to teach students to “read the world as text” and make intentional and conscious decisions that ring authentic to their belief system and their life plan, possessing the ability to code switch, and knowing the impacts of their choices and other people's prejudices in the real world.
  • Our faculty are: passionate, energetic, creative.  Our faculty prize: reflective practice; productive struggle; personal growth; student-centered inquiry; diversity; social justice; authentic instruction; social and emotional learning; and code switching.  
  • Our faculty treat students as family members communicating high expectations and supporting students in identifying and developing their myriad talents to the fullest.  
  • Our teachers are critically reflective and own their choices and grow as people learning to better communication with compassion towards students, other faculty, and administration.

Email: hiring@bxchs.org if you'd like to be interviewed.


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