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Special Education Openings at Community School for Social Justice

Teacher Openings for September 2018

The Community School for Social Justice is a small, NYC public high school located in the South Bronx.  We are a member of the New York Performance Standards Consortium and have been granted a Regents waiver from the NY State Education Department to use Performance Based Assessment Tasks (PBATs) as graduation evaluations, instead of the high stakes Regents exams. Our curriculum and instruction are centered on project-based learning and performance-based assessment.  As an active and caring learning community, advisories are a key component of our educational philosophy and practice. Each teacher leads an advisory group. We believe that learning is an ongoing process for both students and staff, and staff members routinely collaborate with one another to develop curriculum, co-plan lessons and create school policies.  Professional development and reflection are integral aspects of our culture. 

We are looking for energetic, innovative, flexible and committed teachers in the subject area of Special Education. Applicants must have an interest in, and/or experience with, project-based learning and performance-based assessment. Please send your resume and cover letter to hiring@cssjbronx.org.