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International High School at LaGuardia Community College--Math Teacher Opening

International High School at LaGuardia Community College Math Teacher Opening for September 2018

International High School at LaGuardia Community College is seeking a NYS certified, secondary math-licensed teacher to join the IQ instructional team to teach 11th and 12th grade ELLs. The candidate should have excellent mathematics and English language skills in order to support our students’ acquisition of high school mathematics and English language proficiency.

Interested applicants should be excited and willing to teach a project-based curriculum and be involved in team-building activities.The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable about constructive educational methods and be able to design differentiated curriculum that enables students with a broad range of abilities to succeed, learn, and sustain motivation. Bilingualism is a plus.

A successful candidate will exhibit a maximal combination of the following attributes:

  • Flexibility, empathy, collaborative outlook, self-motivation
  • Experience developing math-based projects
  • Experience using NY Performance Standards Consortium rubrics
  • Experience with techniques appropriate for English Language Learners
  • Mastery at scaffolding complex texts for English Language Learners
  • Experience developing engaging curriculum aligned with the Common Core

Candidate will also be responsible for:

  • Mentoring students for graduation portfolios
  • Working with an interdisciplinary team of teachers and accepting team administrative responsibilities
  • Participating in other school-wide activities, including committee representation

Interested candidates should contact John Guan at: jguan@ihsnyc.org