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Open Positions at Brooklyn Collaborative Middle School, Fall 2018

Brooklyn Collaborative, Brooklyn, NY (15K448)

Position: We have three anticipated full-time positions for Sept 2018 in: MS Mathematics, MS Social Studies, and MS ELA.

Description of Position: Candidates should be familiar with inquiry based learning and ideally understand and have worked w/in EL Education, NYC Outward Bound Schools, and/or New York Performance Assessment Consortium or similar model. Teachers should have teaching portfolio which reflects deep understanding of differentiated assessment and instruction.  Familiarity with College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) curriculum strongly desired (http://cpm.org/) for math candidates and with Teachers College RWP Reading Levels for ELA candidates.

Applicant needs NY State certification in teaching area and must be eligible to be hired by the NYC Department of Education.  Position includes being a Crew advisory leader, collaborative team teaching in middle school math, and developing EL Education experiences and expeditions inside and outside the classroom.

Description of School: Brooklyn Collaborative (BCS) opened in 2001, first as a middle school and expanded to a full secondary school with grades 6-12 by Sept 2008.  A heterogeneous and diverse community, our students come from all over Brooklyn.  We are located on the border between Carroll Gardens and Red Hook.  We have a student population of 680.  Intense staff collaboration is a strength of the school, and we have approximately 90 staff members spread throughout Grades 6-12.  To graduate and show college readiness, students complete performance-based assessment tasks (PBATs) in their major subjects (we are members of the NY Performance Standards Consortium - http://www.performanceassess ment.org/). Please see our website http://www.bcs448.org/  or https://insideschools.org/ school/15K448 for more information about our school.  

School Mission: Brooklyn Collaborative is a diverse and respectful NYC Outward Bound School, committed to developing students and staff who are kind, open-minded, persistent, responsible, and courageous.  With support from peers, staff, families and school partners, students engage in challenging academic and social experiences that prepare them for college level learning and full participation in civic life. Students learn to apply their intellect and effort to benefit themselves and their community.  We use the EL Education school model, which has its roots in Outward Bound. 

How to Apply: Email resume with references and a lesson/unit plan with evidence of inquiry/differentiation to Principal Scill Chan (scill@bcs448.org).