Positions Open In Consortium Schools

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Humanities Prep Hiring Teachers for 2017-18

Humanities Preparatory Academy Hiring Teachers of Chemistry, Art/Music, Social Studies and Special Education for 2018-2019 School Year

Please learn more about our community at http://www.humanitiesprep.org

Please send resumes to Principal Jeannie Ferrari jeannie@humanitiesprep.org  and Assistant Principal Robert Michelin robert@humanitiesprep.org

We seek candidates in all subject areas who are committed to performance-based assessment and project based learning. We are a founding member of the NY Performance Standards Consortium.

We are a small, reflective Consortium school community of under 250 with a vigorous commitment to our students’ achievement and success both during and after high school.  We seek candidates who want to collaborate with others, have great interest in continuing their professional growth at all points in their career and who would ideally have some experience with Performance-Based Assessment and Coalition of Essential Schools principles. All Humanities Prep teachers are expected to be advisors and to go above and beyond the requirements of the school day.

Social Studies Position:

We are seeking a candidate who has taught U.S. History and has taught or is willing to teach AP U.S. History.

Special Education Position

We are seeking an ICT teacher with knowledge of high school level math ( algebra and geometry) and the ability to support high school level math and science.