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Positions at Urban Academy

Urban Academy Teaching Positions

One of our teachers is retiring and two are having babies in the Fall.  So, we have three openings for next year: 1) a literature teacher; 2) a math teacher (maternity leave); and a social studies teacher (maternity leave).

Urban Academy is a small, NYC public high school serving a diverse group of students from all over the city.  We are a member of the NY Performance Standards Consortium and have been granted a Regents waiver from the NY State Education Department, which allows us to use Performance Based Assessments as graduation requirements instead of Regents Exams.

Read more about us at urbanacademy.org.

Our literature classes focus on textual analysis.  Students learn to use the assigned texts to support an argument.  Teachers design their own courses and students are given a great deal of choice in which courses they take.  Courses are mixed grade. 

Our math classes use group work and discussion as the central pedagogical techniques.  We focus on both concepts and skills.  Teachers are able to design their own courses and must be interested in teaching both low and high level courses.

Our social studies classes are discussion-based.  Teachers choose their course topics and design their own curriculum with some collaboration from other teachers.  Courses focus on the skills of analysis and use of evidence in both discussion and written work. 

You can find a copy of a recent course catalog on our website here: 

http://www.urbanacademy.org/ classes-1/

We are looking for candidates who are interested in designing hands-on curriculum in their areas of expertise.  Candidates should also be interested in collaborating with the rest of the faculty in many aspects of the running of the school.

Applicants must be licensed and certified teachers in English, math, or social studies in NYC. Please send resume and cover letter to beckywalzer@gmail.com  with subject line"English Position," "Math Position," or "Social Studies Position."