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Principal Opening, Lehman Alternative Community School

The Lehman Alternative Community (LAC) School, 6th-12th grades, located in beautiful Ithaca NY, is a founding member of the NY Performance Standards Consortium.

AC is seeking a visionary middle/high school principal able to lead a school that is a state and national model for alternative, democratic, and performance-based education. The principal must be committed to the ongoing development of truly alternative, student-centered, strength-based, educational practice where teaching and learning are relevant and culturally responsive, discipline is individualized and based on restorative justice, and many decisions are made through consensus or dialogue-based approaches.

The successful applicant will have the ability to foster an active, informed and inclusive school-wide community where students have ownership over their own education, educators actively hone their own best practices, parent/caregivers are involved and informed, and every child is known, valued and believed to be able to succeed. The successful applicant will be a visionary leader who embraces relationships with families, students, and faculty of diverse backgrounds, and students with diverse abilities and learning styles. A successful leader at LACS will have excellent organizational skills, have experience as an educational coach, be a community builder and collaborator, and be committed to schoolwide democratic decision making.

Go to http://www. ithacacityschools.org/ to apply.  Application deadline is February 21, 2018.