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Lyons Community School: Special Education and Assistant Principal Positions

Lyons Community School is currently looking for a special education teacher (to start as soon as possible), and an Assistant Principal (for this year or starting next school year)

Lyons is a small, progressive, unscreened New York City public secondary school with a liberal arts focus. We are located in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and are a member of the NYS Performance Standards Consortium. All students do Roundtable presentations in all their core subjects twice a year, and high school students complete graduation level Performance Based Assessment Task (PBAT) requirements rather than most Regents. Our academic program includes inquiry-based projects, weekly Field Studies classes where students travel to different sites across the city and skills instruction to meet the needs of students.

We are a Restorative Justice school, focusing on repairing harm, rather than punishing offenders when determining next steps when issues arise. We know that the majority of our work to diminish harm involves daily community and relationship building, and clear, supportive systems and expectations. All teachers also work as advisors supporting students’ social-emotional and academic journeys. The vast majority of our students enter Lyons below their grade level in reading and/or mathematics. We seek staff members who are specifically interested in working with our young people and who are committed to always looking for yet another way to support our students to learn, grow and become their best selves. We embrace a culturally responsive and self-reflective stance for all community members.

If you are interested in being  part of a community where:

  • we strive to teach in an inquiry based manner, while giving our students support and structures for this journey

  • staff is reflective and internally motivated, working to continually improve their practice, including questioning their own cultural and racial biases and assumptions

  • everyone is known, has a voice, is seen first for their strengths, but loved for their vulnerabilities

  • we work to be an anti-racist, pro-humanity and humanness, group of individuals working as a community through collaboration, mutual support and commitment to a vision,

  • you will be part of a remarkably vibrant community that strives for a world as we want it to be, while being grounded in the world we live in,

Please send your resume and cover letter to lyons@lyonscommunityschool.org. If you have a statement of purpose, send it along as well.

For more information about our community, please check us out at www.lyonscommunityschool.orgfacebook.com/lyonscommunityschoolstaffcreated and Instagram @lyons_community_school