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Landmark High School Positions for the Fall: Science & dual licensed ELA/ Special Education

Landmark is a small, college preparatory high school located in Chelsea.  As a member of the Consortium, we believe that performance-based assessment tasks (PBATs) are a stronger measure of our students' progress and understanding than high stakes tests.  Therefore, our teachers work hard to develop meaningful, engaging, and rigorous curricula that are largely project-based and place students at the center of instruction.  All teachers work to prepare students for their graduation PBATs by collaboratively designing and administering three mini-PBATs per year.  Furthermore, all teachers foster an environment of collaboration among students because we know that collaboration is essential for students' academic and intellectual development.  To that end, students work in reading/writing/problem solving partnerships in all content classes.

We believe that collaboration is integral to our own professional growth and development.  Every teacher meets weekly with their department team as well as with their grade team.  Teachers also meet weekly with their ICT partners for collaborative instructional planning and assessment.  In the service of ongoing professional development, we also have instructional coaches and weekly PD workshops for all teachers.

At Landmark, every teacher additionally serves as an advisor to approximately fifteen students.  We believe that our advisory program is essential to ensure that students build close, trusting relationships, as well as certain non-academic skills, including perseverance and responsibility.  We implement restorative justice practices and all advisors are trained in facilitating restorative circles.  Our advisory program helps us to establish a family environment within our school.

All interested applicants should please send a resume and cover letter to Caron Pinkus at cpinkus@landmarkhs.org