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East Side Community: Special Ed Math Maternity Leave Position, 8th & 9th Grades

We are seeking an experienced special education teacher, especially with a math background, for a 12-week or possibly longer maternity leave covereage for an 8th and 9th grade Learning Specialist (Special Education) position.

In East Side math classes our curriculum challenges students to develop problem solving skills by having them consistently grapple with engaging, non-routine, problems. Click on this link to learn more about how math is taught at East Side: http://eastsidemath.weebly.com.

Ideally, we are looking for a special education teacher that is flexible, knowledgeable, and open to teaching in a variety of content areas in a 6-12th gr ICT setting. Candidates should embrace working closely with colleagues, co-planning lessons, being the “expert” in the co-teaching partnerships in terms of what students with IEPs need, depending on their learning struggles, in order to be successful.

The candidate should have experience with writing IEPs on SESIS and come with ideas on how to make the IEP a living document that all teachers can use as a resource / tool in their teaching. In some cases the Special Education teacher will teach an enrichment class of their own targeting specific skills in math, reading, or writing.

ABOUT EAST SIDE : We are a small 6-12th-grade college preparatory school dedicated to the belief that all students can, must and will learn and succeed academically. We set high standards for each of our students and help them meet these standards by providing personal attention, a strong sense of community, high-quality instruction and engaging and innovative learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Students, staff, families and community members see themselves as part of a team whose main goal is the success of every individual student in our diverse learning community.

We have a schoolwide commitment to promoting social justice and combating racism, sexism, homophobia, classism and any other form of discrimination. The goal of the school is to create a community of highly skilled students, lifetime learners, critical thinkers and socially responsible citizens who, upon graduation, will be prepared to succeed in college and beyond.

Please visit www.eschs.org to learn more about our school.

Our commitment to socio-emotional learning is highlighted in Learning by Heart: Six American High Schools Where Social and Emotional Learning Are Core by Kathleen Cushman.

To Apply : Certified candidates should send a resume and a cover letter (noting how they learned about the position). Please include contact information for references. Email resume and cover letter to Joe Vincente, Assistant Principal, at joev@eschs.org . Please copy on the email Assistant Principal Carla Montoya carlam@eschs.org and Principal Mark Federman markf@eschs.org .or