Center for Inquiry

Professional Development for Teachers

What is the Center for Inquiry in Teaching and Learning?

The Center for Inquiry works directly with teachers of Consortium schools to provide teacher-led professional development, sustain a collaborative spirit of professionalism across the schools, develop Moderation Studies to educate teachers about performance assessment, and coordinates the annual Consortium Conference.  Rubrics are developed through the Center, and teacher-designed curricula are supported and shared. Teacher-to-Teacher Publications, a series of books and DVDs published by the Center for Inquiry, is distributed by Teachers College Press.


Upcoming Workshops

Thursday September 13, 4:15-6:15
Teachers new to a consortium school
Location:  JREC, 317 E. 67th St.

The Consortium welcomes all teachers new to our schools--those new to teaching and also experienced teachers who are new to our community of schools.  We will have an introductory meeting at the Julia Richman Education Complex on September 13th at 4:15.  You'll learn more about the unique network of schools you have joined and a chance to meet teachers from across our schools.  We look forward to introducing ourselves and the mission of the Consortium to you!

New Workshops on STEM, Writing, Math and more
Location:  JREC, 317 E. 67th St.

We will soon be announcing additional workshops for the fall.  Check this listing and your emails!


Recent Consortium Workshops

Curriculum Development

July 2018
Location: Bank Street College of Education

Workshops took place in July to develop curriculum in a number of subject areas.  We will be posting curriculum guides on this website as they are completed.


The Center for Inquiry in Teaching & Learning
Annual Consortium Conference

January 29, 2018
Location: Julia Richman Education Complex

Next Year:  January 28, 2018