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Archives: 2002 and 2003.

July, 2010Changing the National Conversation on Assessment
PDK International
Phyllis Tashlik
July, 2010Intriguing alternative to rating schools by testsWashington Post
July, 2010Keeping Accountability Systems Accountable
Eric | PDK International
Martha Foote
March, 2010Multicultural Critical Theory. At B-School?New York Times
6-2-09Study Finds That Students Benefit From Depth, Rather Than Breadth, in High School Science CoursesUniversity of Virginia
1-21-09Measuring What Matters
Schools must collect data that serve a 21st-century agenda. A consortium of New York schools shows how.
Educational Leadership: December 2008/January 2009
9-22-08College Panel Calls for Less Focus on SATsNew York Times
Just released 2007 nationally conducted Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup poll:
Posted on Time Out From Testing
9-4-07Letter to the Editor:
Professor Richard Pring submitted this letter to the Times in response to the the article that appeared on August 15th focusing on the role played by British educational consultant Michael Barber in New York City schools.
The New York Times
9-4-07Scrap these '19th-century' GCSEs, says expert
A leading expert on exams and testing has claimed that GCSEs are stuck in the '19th century', forcing pupils to memorise facts that will be little use to them later in life.
Guardian Unlimited
6-3-07The Study of History Isnít Helped by Testing (1 Letter)
The writers are co-chairwoman of the New York Performance Standards Consortium and director of the Center for Inquiry in Teaching and Learning.
New York Times
5-19-07 Evaluating 'No Child Left Behind'
Express your views to your senators and congressperson. Congress is now considering whether to reauthorize NCLB.
The Nation
5-19-07Study Finds College-Prep Courses in High School Leave Many Students Lagging
Only a quarter of high school students who take the core courses are well prepared for college, the study says.
New York Times
5-19-07New tests and activities can help teachers guide student learning
Article from the current Harvard Ed Letter that discusses the misuse of periodic assessments.
Harvard Education Letter
5-14-07The Impending Loss of Talent: An Exploratory Study Challenging Assumptions About Testing and Merit
This major study disputes the correlation between tests (SAT, LSAT etc) and higher education performance. Study concludes tests impact particularly negatively on students of color.
by Daryl G Smith & Gwen Garrison ó 2005
8-9-06Making the Pendulum Swing: Challenging Bad Education Policy in New York State
An article on creating a literacy culture by Ann Cook, co-chair of the NY Performance Standards Consortium and Phyllis Tashlik, director of the Center for Inquiry in Teaching and Learning.
Coallition of Essential Schools
5-20-06High School Exit Exam TossedL.A. Times
5-20-06Letter to the Editor: Deborah MeierNew York Times
5-20-06As Test-Taking Grows, Test-Makers Grow RarerNew York Times
5-20-06Regents ask state to probe race biasDaily News
5-20-06Some Schools Are Leaving Recess BehindNew York Times
5-20-06Odd Math for 'Best High Schools' ListNew York Times
5-20-06Regents exam's colonialism questions anger black studentsDaily News
5-20-06Critic of No Child Left Behind Was Disinvited From MeetingNew York Times
5-20-06Regarding the cancellation of my appearance at the IRA in ChicagoPatricia Polacco, 2006
5-20-06The Children's Defense Fund Report: State of America's ChildrenChapter 4: Education
5-20-06Boys Are No Match for Girls in Completing High SchoolNew York Times
5-20-06Principals Face Review in Education OverhaulNew York Times
4-29-06N.Y. should take cue from R.I.: Loosen tight leash on schoolsRochester Democrat and Chronicle
9-28-05When an exit exam becomes an exit ramp for too many TexansStatesman
2-26-05Read the letter sent to all members of the Board of Regents and NY State Legislators
7-6-04Bills would ease testing Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
6-25-04Anti-Testing Advocates Give Senate High Marks on Passage of Bills New York Sun
3-18-04More Students Passing Regents, but Achievement Gap PersistsNYTimes
Sept. 2004Letter to the Editor: Professor Richard Pring, former director of Oxford University's Department of Education StudiesNew York Times